9 Patrick Andrew Collins


Patrick Andrew Collins was born in Ireland. When the Great Hunger began, the family moved to America, joined thousands of other emigrants on ships sailing across the Atlantic Ocean.
In America, Collins started off as an apprentice upholsterer and had spent years saving up money to study law at Harvard Law School.
He practiced in Boston and by 1875 he became Judge Advocate General of Massachusetts. Later he was elected to the US Congress.

In 1902 Collins became the Mayor of Boston. During his term, he was noted for protecting historical areas in the city such as Boston Common.
Patrick Andrew Collins is remembered by Bostonians today as a politician who held great dignity and integrity - a rarity in today's political world.

This memorial for Patrick Andrew Collins was created by Theo Alice Kitson (she also created the General Kosciuszko statue in Public Garden)

His love for both his native land and his adopted country is shown through the two allegorical figures flanking the granite base.
One wears a crown of laurel leaves and holds a shield, representing Liberty;
 the other wears a crown of shamrocks and holds a harp, symbolizing Erin, or Ireland.