Game Rules

Detailed Game Rules

Where is the game located / What territory does the game cover?
All of the clues and objects are going to be located around Boston’s center, and we specifically placed the clues not too far from each other to make the walk no more than 1-2 hours long.

Now, who can participate?
Well, the answer is, everyone who generally like walking, learning new stuff, and exploring Boston! :)
You can take your kids and family, but of course you can also bring your friends or even come alone!
Just one thing – you need to limit the amount of people that you are bringing with you to about 4-5 people per team!

Yes, but what if we have a team of 6 or 7 people?
Of course you can participate too!

You just need to split up though, and register yourselves as two separate teams. And later, you can play all together, or even have a little race between each other!

What is the age of the people who can play?
Any age! You choose a category for your team based on the age of the participants, and play.

For your little ones though, there will be special sheets of “Find and Seek” at the ready, so that they can enjoy the game too!

Different Categories of the Game:

  • Walk and Stroll - the calmer version of the game, for those who just want to stroll around and have a fun time. In the end, there will be small prizes and correct answers for you and your team!

  • Competitive -  in this version of the game, we have added a  competitive spirit! So, the first team that reaches the finishing point will get THE prize.

Where can I register the team?

You can register here

The beginning of the game:
All of the teams start off at the Start Point.

The exact location and details will be revealed after registration. There, you and your team will receive a sheet with riddles you’ll have to solve.

The type of riddles will depend on the level of difficulty and the language that you chose during registration.

How it all happens:
You need to solve the riddles that have to do with various places around center of the Boston.

Then, you walk to all those places, and complete the tasks there.

The finishing point of the game:
It’s a secret! :) To know where it is you’ll have to correctly solve all problems and riddles, and find all clues!

The sheets with riddles will be English (there is also a special Russian version available)

How to solve the riddles?
All of riddles are meant for the whole family to solve.

You and your team CAN use any source of information – your own knowledge, Google and even phone call to a friend!

What about hints?
Each team has the official right to get one hint during the Game. Just call us using the phone number provided, and ask!

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