City Quests

Some details...


What is a City Quest?!

- A fun way to get to know the incredible Boston
- It's half a city tour / half a game with riddles
- Every city quest is focused on a certain part of Boston 

  (Beacon Hill, Little Italy, etc.) 


Now, who can participate?

Anyone who is interested in Boston's history and who'd like to know more about it!


How it all happens?

We start as a group and there is a guided tour first, with stories and fun facts about the part of Boston that we will be covering.

Then, every family gets a set of riddles and starts to explore at their own pace.


How long does it take?
Around 2.5-3 hours.

(So don't forget to wear your most comfortable shoes:)

Is it suitable for families with kids?

Yes, one of the advantages of this game is that there is always a "family with kids" version available! (Yay)



The sheets with riddles will be in English

(there is also a special Russian version available)

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Next City Game:

 July, 26